My name is Martin Naylor, and I hope this site will be of interest if you need help with

  • translation from Swedish into English, e.g. of a book, report or article, a website, a home study report for adoption, legal documents or educational diplomas,
  • language editing and proofreading of an English text, or
  • interpreting between Swedish and English, e.g. in legal contexts or at a conference.

I am an authorised translator, interpreter and legal interpreter, with over 30 years’ experience helping speakers and writers of Swedish and English to communicate.

I work in a wide variety of fields, but have developed certain specialities over the years, including the environment, linguistics, law, art history and social sciences.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements – by phone on 018-25 66 49 (+46 18 256649) or by email to martin.naylor@telia.com.

Martin Naylor