The original text can be sent to me, and the translation supplied to you, either as an electronic file (normally a Word file, sent by email) or as hard copy.

In the case of legal documents for which a certified translation is required, I generally ask customers to send me a certified copy of the original by post. I then post back a hard copy of the translation, complete with my stamp and signature. Never send original documents by post.

In most cases, the price of a translation is based on the length of the original, e.g. x Swedish kronor per word in the text to be translated. My word rate varies, since texts can differ considerably in difficulty. Please request an estimate.

As well as the actual translation of the text, my fee usually includes reading one set of proofs of the final version.

English language editing

I normally edit texts as Word files, making use of the Track Changes feature. If preferred by the customer, editing can also be done on paper.

For editing work I charge an hourly rate. This is in order to reflect the actual time needed for the job, since different texts can require widely varying amounts of editing and polishing. Please ask for an estimate for your text.


When taking on interpreting work, I always ask the client to supply as much background information about the assignment as possible. This enables me to prepare beforehand by doing background reading, checking out essential terminology and so on.

For short consecutive interpreting jobs, an hourly rate normally applies, based on the total number of hours required for the actual interpreting and for preparations, travel and any waiting time.

For conference and other simultaneous interpreting, rates are calculated per day or half-day. These rates include preparation time and up to three hours of travelling time.

Any travel, subsistence and/or accommodation expenses will be charged in addition to these rates.

I will happily supply an estimate for a specific assignment on request.