A selection of previous assignments

Translations and English language editing

  • Books Books, e.g. Documents on Swedish Foreign Policy (Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs); The Source of Liberty (Nordic Council); over a dozen books in the Monitor series, most recently Biodiversity in Sweden (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency); Anna Nilsén, Focal Point of the Sacred Space (on church art and architecture); Ulla Birgegård (ed.): J. G. Sparwenfeld’s Diary of a Journey to Russia 1684–87; Elisabeth Löfstrand & Laila Nordquist (eds.), Accounts of an Occupied City: Catalogue of the Novgorod Occupation Archives 1611–1617; Gunnel Cederlöf, Landscapes and the Law.
  • Reports, e.g. reports of committees of inquiry, research reports and progress reports on Sweden’s environmental objectives.
  • Speeches and lectures given by politicians, academics and others.
  • PhD theses (entire theses and summaries), e.g. in sociolinguistics, educational theory, botany, art history and theology.
  • Articles and abstracts for academic journals, in areas such as linguistics, history of art, geology, medicine and law.
  • Yearbooks and annual reports, including the Art Bulletin of the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, and annual reports of Mistra (Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research).
  • Catalogues for art exhibitions (essays and entries), e.g. Face to Face and Staging Power (Nationalmuseum, Stockholm).
  • Web pages, covering subjects such as geology, invasive species in the marine environment, and climate change.
  • Legislation, in areas including family and environmental law.
  • Brochures and other information material, e.g. tourist leaflets and guides, press releases and fact sheets.
  • Legal documents, e.g. home study reports for adoptions, diplomas, marriage certificates, wills, contracts and court orders.

Books What one reviewer had to say:
‘... it was not until I read an acknowledgment to the translator, Martin Naylor, on p. 7 that I realized that I was indeed reading a translation.’


  • Consecutive interpreting in Swedish law courts (various district and administrative courts, Svea Court of Appeal, Stockholm and Sundsvall Administrative Courts of Appeal, the Labour Court and the Supreme Court), for the police, for law firms and for depositions. Legal interpreting work has included criminal proceedings (from petty theft to murder), civil cases (ranging from unpaid debts to patents) and arbitration hearings.

    I have also interpreted for authorities such as the Swedish Migration Board and Uppsala Social Services, and for health care providers.

  • Simultaneous interpreting at conferences, seminars, AGMs and other meetings (in areas such as environment, law, health care, travel, construction, furniture, insurance and trade union affairs). Also, on a voluntary basis, for church services (Uppsala Baptist Church).

Related work

I have frequently assisted the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency with written and oral examinations for Swedish–English interpreters, at the authorised and specialist legal and medical interpreter levels.

Around 1986 I compiled the English entries for the book 755 svenska organisationer på fyra språk, which provided translations of the names of a wide range of Swedish non-governmental organisations.

In my early years as a translator, I also worked part-time as a proofreader on the newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning.